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Guidance for teachers on resources
Looking for Accuracy, Sensitivity, Balance

for teachers of RE, Citizenship, PSHE and other subjects
from the Religious Education Council of England and Wales

Teachers  – are you sure that when you choose resources dealing with religion, they…

  • are factually correct?
  • are sensitive and will not cause offence to students and their families?  
  • convey a fair and balanced view of religious traditions?
  • carry an authentic voice?

We do not underestimate the difficulties of teaching about religion.  The subject matter is complex, dynamic and sensitive, far from easy to convey in the concise and straightforward terms offered by some resources and required for some lessons.

The Religious Education Council therefore offers the following guidance in order to:

  • support teachers in providing well resourced, good quality Religious Education.
  • facilitate the accurate presentation of beliefs and practices across the curriculum, in subjects such as Citizenship, Sociology, PSHE, Geography, and History.
  • help teachers navigate the complexities of the subject and avoid misrepresentation and offence.
  • foster better understanding of religious beliefs and practices.
  • enable adequate research and fact-checking.
  • encourage critical evaluation of published resources.


What is the REC?
Looking for accuracy, sensitivity, balance and authenticity
Examples of good practice
What other guidance is available on religious education?
Where can you find out more or ask for advice?


What is the Religious Education Council of England and Wales ?

The REC represents the collective interests of a wide variety of professional associations and faith communities with an interest in deepening and strengthening provision for RE.

Contact the Religious Education Council:

c/o Voluntary Sector Centres
76 Shoe Lane


Advisers and teachers – please feel free to photocopy this advice and distribute it to colleagues who may find it useful. 

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