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NASACRE Recruitment and Training Programme Print E-mail
The NASACRE recruitment and training programme is taking place in three areas of the country this year.
Together these cover six government regions and are grouped geographically: Yorkshire & Humber and the NE; the East and West Midlands; London and the South East.  SACREs have been targeted in all these areas with a view to filling vacancies on Group A and offering in-service training to new or inexperienced SACRE members.  Thus the training has two quite distinct aspects to it. The main work is recruiting and training new members to fill specific vacancies on SACREs and, secondary to that, is the ‘in-service’ training for existing SACRE members who feel they would benefit.  There is progress on both fronts.

Recruitment to fill identified vacancies has been going on since September.  This training comprises two full days, one dealing with the nature and purpose of RE and the second with collective worship, with a focus in both on the role of SACRE.  These are supplemented with field-work including attendance at a SACRE meeting and a lesson observation.  Delegates are also mentored by an experienced SACRE member.

The first training days have taken place in two of the four regions at centres in York and central Birmingham.  The London and the SW training days are booked for 28/29.01.09.  Although recruitment has been slow and the proposed numbers have not been reached, the people who attended have been enthusiastic and committed.  Unfortunately on each of the days, apologies were received at the last moment from nine or ten people who were unable to come because of illness or bereavement.  Attendance in York was fourteen and in Birmingham, thirteen.  The training was received positively by both groups.  

In order to offer a catch-up opportunity for those absentees, another training day is being organised in Birmingham on Saturday 31st January.    The reasons for absence were so genuine that it is felt to be worth the extra work to ensure as many delegates as possible have the full experience.  It would be particularly unfortunate for people to miss the first day when the purposes of the programme are set out and relationships established.

Most of the delegates who attended signed up for a school visit and attendance at a SACRE meeting.  Those are currently being organised and confirmations are being sent out to all delegates and advisers.   Those who could not attend are being contacted to encourage them to opt for their choice of visits too.

The one day conferences for serving SACRE members are recruiting well in Birmingham, and the London/SE regions; the NE conference is recruiting less well.  Up to three free places are offered to each SACRE in the designated regions, with a maximum attendance of around 75-80 people.   These conferences are to take place on the following dates: Birmingham: 04.02.09; York: 11.02.09 and London/SE: 26.02.09.
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