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Organisation of the project

REsilience organisation

REC’s client.  DCSF owns the project, has defined its purpose and objectives, and has signed a contract with the REC to deliver it for an agreed fee.
REC Board 
Overall absolute responsibility for everything
Executive Delivery Group (EDG)
Overall direction and management of REsilience
Accountable to REC Board for success of project
Full authority as delegated by REC Board
a)    Approves all major plans
b)    Ensures necessary resources available
c)    Appoints project manager and team
d)    Ensures completion of each Phase
e)    Authorises start of each new Phase
f)    Approves any changes required to previously approved plans
g)    Assures overall quality

Advisory Group
Advises the REC (Board and EDG) on all relevant issues
Forms links into a wide range of external constituencies and provides channels of communication
Is a reservoir of wisdom and individual members can assist with quality assurance

Project manager
Day-to-day management of project within EDG constraints and delegated authority
Responsible for generation of all required products to required quality within specified constraints of time and cost in order to achieve the benefits defined in the Education Case
a)    Directs project team and establishes working methods
b)    Directs production of all required products and manages some directly
c)    Plans and monitors the project
d)    Manages risk
e)    Manages resources
f)    Manages quality
g)    Controls change
h)    Reports to EDG and DCSF

Project team member
Ensures production of specific products as agreed with Project Manager, to required quality within specified constraints of time and cost
Contributes to project planning and monitoring
a)    Manages production of specific individual products
b)    Defines, lets and contract manages work packages as appropriate
c)    Organises quality assurance of product
d)    Liaises fully with project manager and other project team members

Contractor (this term is used to cover any contributor who is not a member of the project team, and hence might be (eg) an REC member organisation, an individual expert or an external company)
Delivers a specific product (or products) in line with an explicit specification, for an agreed price according to an agreed timescale
Reports to a named project team member as contract manager

Any defined outcome identified in the project plan.  It might be a physical entity (eg a DVD to be used for training), or a strategy (eg for identifying and recruiting trainer/mentors), or an event (eg an AG meeting), or a report.  It might be a genuine end-product of the project or an intermediate but necessary planned step on the journey.

1.    Broad arrows indicate management lines; line arrows indicate the generation of specific outcomes
2.    The diagram is indicative; in reality there will (eg) be many more contractors and products.


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