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“Today is significant for all who care about the matter of beliefs and values in the nation’s life. Religious Education, the designated curriculum area with this focus in primary and secondary schools, is being strongly affirmed in three complementary ways: new government guidance on RE, research on teaching related teaching resources, and a statement by the schools minister. 

There is much here that warrants welcome across the entire RE community:

  • from across the Christian churches
  • from the range of other faith communities, and the traditions behind them, that enrich this country
  • from those who affirm a common humanity, but not religious beliefs
  • from those who teach and learn in schools, advisers and inspectors, teacher educators and trainers, and their specialist associations.

The challenge is highlighted of how to guarantee that the classroom experience of RE is of high quality for each child and young person in every school and academy.”    

Brian Gates
Chair, Religious Education Council of England and Wales

New Guidance for Religious Education

The final version of government guidance on RE in schools and academies is now available. It has been developed in partnership between the DCSF and member organisations of the RE Council.

New Religious Education Primary programme of Learning  

RE is expressly identied as a distinct area of learning with the new primary curriculum programme as published by the QCDA
http://curriculum.qcda.gov.uk/new-primary-curriculum/areas-of- learning/religious-education/index.aspx

Research Report on Resources for Teaching RE

This research by the Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit was commissioned by the DCSF as a key component of the RE Council's RE Action Plan

Letter from Schools Minister

Diana Johnson has set out her public appreciation of the important of  religious Education as a fundamental component in the primary and secondary curriculum and her encouragement that the partnership  between the DCSF and the RE Council should continue to pursue its strategic efforts to strengthen the quality of RE
Letter from Diana Johnson MP     


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